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pubblicato 29 set 2011, 05:33 da FuturICT Italia

Dear FuturICT Supporters,



welcome to the September issue of the FuturICT Newsletter brought to you by the management team. If you have interesting news pieces or information about upcoming events you would like to share please email them to JB McCarthy. All initiatives are vital steps in order for us to reach the necessary level of influence. We have made a positive impact so far and this has been further strengthened by some universities starting to build up new research centres and invest money into new FuturICT-related research areas. Remember, your participation, contributions, and comments do matter.





The European Conference on Complex Systems 2011 took place September 12-16 in Vienna. FuturICT had several events prior to and during ECCS'11. The national representatives’ follow-up meeting took place Sunday, September 11 where we had representatives from over fifteen EU countries. This was followed by a FuturICT ECCS plenary session with speakers such as Steven Bishop, Dirk Helbing, Paul Lukowicz, Shlomo Havlin, Chris Barratt and Laszlo Barabasi. The Scientific Advisory Board meeting the next day stimulated further great discussion and feedback.  There was also an open session and a series of activities organized for “Young Researchers in Complex Systems Sciences”.





There was a week-long workshop ran at Lake Maggiore in Italy to prepare the first draft of the flagship proposal. Leaders of the Work Packages and a small number of other scientists involved in the coordination action got together to discuss how to answer the challenges ahead and how to present the answers FuturICT offers to the EC call as well as citizens at large. In addition there are several position papers being prepared addressing specific scientific issues related to complex, connected systems of our society as well as the technical and management problems such an endeavour might face. Topics considered include Innovation Accelerator, Open Participatory Platform, and various Observatories.





The FuturICT video series launched last month with a presentation by Dirk Helbing have been expanded with two new additions. Paul Lukowicz, Scientific Coordinator talks about what FuturICT intends to do whileSteven Bishop, FuturICT Management Coordinator promotes how the project will further the Flagship agenda. In addition, various FuturICT presentations are also available on the News and Media page of our new website.

A new video with lead scientist of FuturICT will be posted every two weeks or so leading up to the important FET Flagship Pilot Midterm Event in Warsaw where all the Flagships will present to the Commission and others on November 24-25.





Professor Steven Bishop presented an overview of FuturICT to a large audience of supporters in Bucharest, Romania on August 26th.  The Romanian FuturICT community has grown extensively since the start of the Pilot Phase and we appreciate and look forward to their further engagement and contributions.


An open FuturICT FET Flagship Information Event was organized for Ireland in Dublin September 22, 2011. The meeting will take place at the CASL Seminar Room, UCD CASL, 8 Belfield Office Park, Dublin 4(UCD Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory). Tea & coffee was available before the event to allow attendees to meet and socialize. Steve Bishop (FuturICT Management Coordinator) JB McCarthy (FuturICT Industry Connections and Dissemination Coordinator) presented a status update. A representative from SFI presented an update on the overall FET Flagship initiative. This event was a follow up to the kick-off information session that was held on May 11th.


There were many other national FuturICT events held in the recent past and we do not have room to mention them all but would like to encourage national communities to not only participate in FuturICT events but to organize their own programs and do their own media reporting.

Feel free to utilize this newsletter and our upgraded website to keep everyone informed.



We are very excited about the continuous progress of the FuturICT project and the perspective of collaborating with you. Thank you all for your great support to date and we look forward to your continued support and active engagement moving forward!


With best wishes from London and Zurich,


Steven and Dirk