Private Institutions
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Almaviva AlmavivA The Italian Innovation Company è il primo Gruppo italiano nel mercato Information & Communication Technology, l’unico con un’offerta completa di soluzioni e servizi di: System Integration Information Security & Business Continuity IT Outsourcing Business Process Management Consulting & Business Intelligence Customer Relationship Management Tecnologie per il Gioco.  Company 
Altran Italia Altran Italia nasce nel 1996 e annovera clienti di primaria importanza nei settori dell’Energia, dei Trasporti, dell’Industria e dell’Healthcare, delle Telecomunicazioni, dei Media, delle Banche, Assicurazioni e Government, dell’Aerospazio e della Difesa.  Company 
ATAC S.p.A.  Mobility and Transportation  Company 
Dedalus Spa è leader di mercato nei sistemi software per i Medici di Medicina Generale e Pediatri di Libera Scelta  Company 
ENEL S.p.A. is Italy's largest power company and the second largest utility listed in Europe by installed capacity which produces, distributes and sells electricity and gas. Company 
Gallup has studied human nature and behavior for more than 75 years. Gallup's reputation for delivering relevant, timely, and visionary research on what people around the world think and feel is the cornerstone of the organization.  Company 
INNOVA S.p.A. works for the development of enabling platforms for the analysis of innovation impact in complex systems such as the main economical Regional trends. Innova carries out R&D in support to SMEs Innovation and Innovation policies analysis in eGovernment through the  use of Complex Systems and Semantic Map tools. Company 
Intesa San Paolo EURODESK   Company 
Memory Consult for investment in private and public sectors  Company 
MERIDIANA Italia project consulting Company 
NoemaLife è un gruppo italo-tedesco la cui mission è realizzare soluzioni software progettate per migliorare i processi clinici. Company 
Publisys S.p.A. specialised in application software for PA consulting and system integration  Company 
Simple Engineering specialized in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM).  Company 
Solgenia Italia SpA ICT firm specialied in business & collaboration technologies  Company 
T6  consulting for technological innovation  Company 
TELECOM Italia S.p.A. Research & Trends, Strategy & Innovation of the Telecom Italia Group Company 
Telematica s.r.l. firm consulting for ICT application Company 
UniCredit   Company 
Associazione Nuovi Lavori ANL no-profit association for services and consulting on labor market  No-Profit 
ECTRI is an international non-profit association (AISBL) registered in Belgium. Founded in 2003 by 15 national transport research institutes, ECTRI today includes 28 institutes (or universities) from 20 different countries No-Profit 
Foundation Rocco Chinnici  after the death of the Magistrate killed by the Mafia (29 luglio 1983). It aims to connect the judiciary, economic and educational institutions in the fight and prevention of crime.  No-Profit 
Kessler Foundation   No-Profit 
ABI   Other 
ISI Foundation The ISI Foundation, Institute for Scientific Interchange, was stablished in 1983 by the Regione Piemonte. Its core mission is the promotion of scientific research within the international cooperation, fostering the creation of research groups and of innovative and interdisciplinary labs, with a special focus on the science of complex systems. Other 
Visualizzazione di 24 voci